Winter Auto Maintenance in Clarksville, TN

Winter Auto Maintenance, Tires, Wipers, Antifreeze, HVAC System DefrosterBefore you hit the road this winter, be sure you have completed all the factory-recommended winter auto maintenance on your car. Traveling in winter weather can be hard on you and your vehicle. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your tires, wipers, HVAC system, defroster, and antifreeze levels.


Winter Auto Maintenance

During winter, the colder temperatures require a bit more auto maintenance diligence than during the rest of the year. The winter months bring freezing temperatures, heavy rains, sleet, and snow. There is a higher drain on the car battery, and your engine has to work harder to pump cold-thickened fluids. Even your tires experience a more demanding workout on wet, slick, or icy roads saturated with road salt. Let’s look at how we can keep our vehicle running safely this season through some basic winter auto maintenance.


Check out your tires weekly. Inspect them for damages, including the tread, sidewalls, and pressure valve. Ensure they all have the correct air pressure (don’t forget the spare). Get any slow leaks repaired. To stay on the safe side, replace tires once they reach six years of age or have a tread depth of 3/32” or less.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are more effective when free of road grime, bug juice, and bird droppings. A clean windshield also helps wiper blades to be more helpful. Take advantage of your gas station’s windshield wash basin each time you fill up your gas tank. When the wiper blades chatter or leave streaks on your windshield, replace them with new ones.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Top off the windshield washer fluid tank frequently. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations for your vehicle type. Your auto mechanic may have helpful suggestions as well. Check out this review if you are looking for ‘the best’ washer fluid but are stymied by the variety available.


Antifreeze prevents your engine (and its numerous components) from freezing during frigid temperatures. It also lubricates the water pump and protects the cooling system from corrosion and scale build-up. Bring your car into your local auto repair shop if it has been a while since your last antifreeze service. They can test its pH level and tell you if you need a fluid top-off or if the coolant needs to be flushed and refilled.

HVAC System: Defroster

When the cold air in your car mixes with the warm, moist breath you exhale, condensation builds up in the cabin of your vehicle. In other words, your windows fog up. If your windows become too fogged up because your defroster isn’t working, it can dramatically impair your visibility. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) needs regular maintenance to stay successful at maintaining the temperature and moisture levels inside your car. Schedule an HVAC System Service if you find your defroster or heater malfunctioning.

Car Battery

Frigid temperatures can reduce the power of your car battery. It’s crucial to frequently clean the connections, removing all corrosion. If your battery is older than five years, consider replacing it. Consult your owner’s manual or service technician if you have questions regarding which rating car battery to get.

Car Wash

Road salt, oils, and grime can build up on your vehicle and undercarriage during the winter. Protect your car by using a drive-through car wash equipped with a wheel & undercarriage wash feature. A car wash should prevent an accumulation of road debris causing premature rust and corrosion on (and under) your car.

Winter Auto Maintenance in Clarksville, TN

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