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Your wheels are where the rubber literally meets the road. That should give any Clarksville driver an idea of how important your wheel alignment is to the health of your vehicle. Misaligned wheels will cause you to replace your tires far more often than would be necessary if they were properly aligned. If you wheels are out of alignment then they will wear unevenly making it harder for the tread to grip the road and give you the traction you need when operating your vehicle.

Other symptoms that you might notice include but are not limited to drifting, meaning if you release your steering wheel your car will drift to the left of right instead of returning to center. You might experience excessive vibrations when attempting to accelerate on the freeway. This issue can cause more trouble for your wheel assembly. Bearing and shocks can wear out faster than it should if your wheels are not operating as they should.

Even if it has been a while since you’ve had your alignment checked, don’t assume your wheels are aligned. Normal driving, speed bumps and a long drive can force your wheels out of alignment. We are here to help anytime your wheels need to be realigned.

Wheel Balancing Clarksville, TN

Much like how your wheels need to be aligned, they also need to be properly balanced. When your wheels are not balanced it means that they are not making equal contact with the road. This can also lead to uneven wear and tear on your tires forcing you to replace them more frequently than necessary.

So if you find yourself with bald tires before you expected to get them, it is time to have your wheels inspected. The excessive vibrations from misaligned or unbalanced wheels can compromise other components throughout your vehicle because they are not operating under ideal conditions.

Anytime you have questions about how to best repair or maintain your wheels give us a call, drive on by our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you.

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