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sun flowers
02:38 21 Mar 18
Let me start by saying that my initial call was pleasant and informative. I believe her name is Jessica, she listened to my problem and explained the diagnostic process including the costs right out the gate. Then when it came to scheduling she was honest in telling me that she couldn't get me in for a few days because they were swamped so she not only offered a day where i might be able to squeeze in, but set me up with an available appointment anyway and i appreciate that. It worked out that the scheduled appointment worked out. I'd rather have this honesty instead of "sure we'll take care of you just leave it here and we'll get around to it." I've had my car for 14 years so there were a couple BIG fixes as well as a few minor things that could be put off. I couldn't financially take care of everything at once so not only was i given a credit option through a company they work with, but they made it clear to me the things that were in dire need of repair. It was never an all or nothing approach with these guys. Anyway, i chose to get the big stuff done and they kept me informed along the way. It was a full days job that started Friday morning but ended up being completed Monday morning. As i said, my car's a little on the older side so when they told me on Friday that it probably wouldn't be done because it was taking longer than expected i totally understood. The fact that i was driving it around with my kids in the condition they told me it was in was scary enough so i just wanted it done right. Anyway, got it back Monday morning and heard a noise that wasn't there before so i called them and they told me to bring it on back and they'd check it out. The mechanic rode with me so i could point out the noise to him. They ended up having to order a piece to fix it so they called and scheduled me to come back when they got the piece. (Only a couple days) Anywho, i showed up and they ran into another problem with the bracket they ordered for the fix but they managed to get it done. I feel bad that i don't remember the mechanics name because he definitely deserves a mention and my car rides so smoothly now with no noise. He was nice enough to let me know everything that was going on through the process. Everyone here was pleasant, including the manager i spoke with. Overall this place was professional, from what I've noticed so far the work is quality, all the employees are kind, bathrooms were clean, the waiting rooms are clean and comfortable, and they even have a little separate play room for kids. As a single mom with kids i took a chance on this place and i was not disappointed! Thank you A&R staff.Ms. Parkerread more
Nicole Gross
19:37 05 May 18
Had issues with my 5th wheel bearings. Called and immediately got through. Spoke with a nice gentleman on the phone. Was able to be seen the same day. They went above and beyond. Honest people! Excellent customer service. Would recommend them to anyone in the Clarksville, Tennessee area! ?read more
17:33 08 May 18
I went in for a fuel injector service along with a spark plug and wire change, and the truck runs great afterward. I am skeptical about the claim they made about me coolant needing to be flushed when they just changed it when they replaced my radiator and transmission cooling line 3 weeks ago. And I don't know what bushing they're talking about that needs to be replaced considering the front control arms passenger side is just fine since it was fixed last year and the rivets removed and bolts put in to replace rivets to save time on more
Brooke Adams
21:01 05 Mar 18
A&R is the only place I will ever take my car! These are the most honest people I have ever worked with and you can trust that they are always giving you the best deal. Their technicians are top notch! I will never take my car anywhere else!read more
Matthew Guglielmo
03:22 05 Dec 17
Ken was a pleasure to speak with, very flexible and professional. Service was completed fast and at a fair price too. They have an awesome online tool where you can see details and even photos of your vehicles inspection. Repair estimate was inclusive of every cost and accurate as well. Would recommend A&R to anyone needing more
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